Make sure you have configured your desired root password in conf/mysql. To manage your databases, run ./bin/dev myroot

You can access the database in your app using db as hostname.


We use Mailhog to catch all outgoing e-mail (as long as you aren't using an external API). You can even release the e-mail to a real mailserver, just click the release button in Mailhog you can setup and presto. Goto http://mail.localhost/ to see all catched mail.


To access redis you can use redis as hostname in the config of your app.


If you use cronjobs in your app, you can add them on your host machine. It is recommend to add ./bin/dev to the path before you implement this, as described in 1). Configure your environment.

E.g.: */5 * * * * dev ps | grep php | grep Up && dev console [YOURCOMMANDHERE]

For instance, if you wish to run a Magento cronjob, then add the following to your local cronjob: */5 * * * * dev ps | grep php | grep Up && dev console customer/project/htdocs/