Make sure that you enable ElasticSearch during the setup of the docker containers. If you already setup your environment, you can still enable it by rebuilding your containers using dev rebuild and dev setup.


ElasticSearch is available via elasticsearch:9200 and can be used in any application you want without any HTTP authentication.

Health Check

To make sure the ElasticSearch environment is running as expected, run this command in your terminal:

dev console curl -X GET "elasticsearch:9200/_cluster/health?pretty"

Smile ElasticSuite

When you're working with Magento 2 and you use Smile ElasticSuite, you need to install two additional plugins for ElasticSearch that aren't installed by default. To do that make sure you follow the next steps:

Create a new file in ~/development/build/dist/elasticsearch/Dockerfile Copy this content to the file:

FROM elasticsearch:6.5.4

RUN /usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch-plugin install analysis-phonetic && \
    /usr/share/elasticsearch/bin/elasticsearch-plugin install analysis-icu

Make sure that the version mentioned after FROM is the same as the version of ElasticSearch that you installed.

Now make sure you rerun dev down and dev rebuild to install these plugins. You're now ready to use Smile ElasticSuite.